Some Bad Reasons Behind the Visitors Leave Your Website

You have designed a great, responsive and professional website with all the details in the mind. You have modified the content three times over, and think the page stands up against those you seek to be like. So, why are your visitors not staying? Keeping the attention of your website visitors has become a difficulty and struggle to find actual reasons. It is not sure that your first visitors will come back again. SEO service in India helps you to suggest the main reasons why the visitors leave your website.

Chaotic and Puzzling Homepage

Having a lot of information on the homepage may confuse visitors, making them incompetent to identify how to proceed. Online visitors are not tolerant and will look through your Homepage instead of reading it word for word. Online visitors don’t want a long essay on your homepage and neither do they want an overloaded page.

Confusing navigation may discourage visitors from going through the site. Your homepage must be simple but obviously, connect to the main sections of your site. The navigation bar must be available visible and links suitably located on homepage content.

Slow-Loading Website

Online visitors don’t have sufficient time to wait for a slow site to finish the loading. If your site takes a long time to load, visitors will exit the browser window and go to the Next URL. Low bandwidth and heavy graphics are the common issues of slow-loading websites.

Irrelevant Information

Most visitors will obtain to your site just by entering a specific keyword on Google or other search engines. If a visitor lands on your site to find out it is dissimilar to what he is looking for, he will close the tab and leave. So, it is very important to target the correct keywords in your content. Your site must be optimized to rank for the correct target keywords. Still, if you have any doubts, SEO service in India helps you a lot to know more reasons.